Southern Stue

Southern Stue

A Tribute to Southern Rock.

It's time to go back. Back to faded jeans, concert tees and raising a small Bic flame, to Freebird. Back to tailgates and Budweiser and sunny parking lots and ZZ Top blasting out a car window. Back to Flirting With Disaster at bonfire keg parties so far away in the sticks that only you, your friends and God know where you are and what you're doing. There is a reason why Southen Rock won't die. It is the American sound track of rebellion and pride for millions. It's the heartbeat of the biker, the outlaw, the partier in all of us. Trendy music comes and goes, but southern rock is the great unifier, the level playing field where we all raise a glass and sing proud about our Sweet Home, be it Alabama or elsewhere. Southern Stue celebrates the timeless force of southern rock and is the show of choice in Las Vegas for those who hear that familiar rebel cry.

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